Dan is a thinker who is constantly exercising his brain by solving puzzles, from doing the daily Wordle to figuring out how to integrate the ever changing technological applications of the world into the SDKs and libraries that he creates, compiles, and manages.

Dan is not one to sit idle.  He has a deep desire to learn, and collects knowledge like Regina collects gnomes.  In fact, he taught himself programming as a teenager by reading magazines and the book that came with his Commodore 64.

For Dan, working with the rest of Team Floqque is more than just being a member of the team.  He thrives by being with friends, not just co-workers, and views his contributions and accomplishments every day as another step in helping Floqque flourish and grow into something amazing.

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Dan Heinz

Product Development - Software / Application Developer

When I was younger, I worked in room service at a hotel near a major theme park in Florida.  I figured out quickly that there are times when you could predict you'd be overwhelmed with service requests, and times when you couldn't. All you could do in those unexpected situations was put your head down and keep moving and hope that the guests would be understanding about the wait.

I began working from home long before the pandemic, so I have always enjoyed being able to go out whenever I can get away from my desk and be around people, even if it's just to go to a doctor or vet appointment. What I don't enjoy is being left waiting for an hour after my scheduled appointment time or reservation without any kind of update or communication. I am intimately aware of how crowds or waits like that can raise peoples' anxiety to uncomfortable levels, and that's not fair to anyone.

When Mike started telling us about his new idea to remove the uncertainty that goes along with waiting, I was very intrigued. When he asked if I could help, I was all in! I am a total coding nerd, and I love figuring out how little lines of code can help prevent long lines and miscommunication at restaurants and other service providers. I can't "wait" to see how this changes things up for the better!