Regina credits her 30+ year background in customer service for vastly different industries with teaching her to always be ready to learn new things.  A bit of a chameleon, she can step into many different roles as needed and learn new skills that each role demands.

Regina brings a unique ability to understand pain points and see things from multiple perspectives.  She is able to see the strengths of each member of the team and focuses on those strengths as a way to stimulate team excellence, striving to create a team that is much greater than the sum of its parts.  

Whether she's planning a team adventure, playing with the office dogs, speaking with customers, or just reminding us that whatever is going on right now is just one chapter and not the whole story, Regina keeps Floqque from floundering in the frustration of business complexities.

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Regina Nax

Director - Operations / Marketing

Post Covid-19 quarantine, I had to apologize to all of the professionals in my life when I finally made it in and asked them to fix my hair and nails that I had tried to maintain myself.  

As anticipated, these service providers were maintaining social distancing standards that cut down on the number of people that could be inside their location at any given time.  Trying to get an appointment on the books was a bit of a struggle.  

The back and forth on availability, confirming appointments, or trying to change those appointments was frustrating on both sides (and sometimes comical, as seen in my text exchange with my stylist above).  So, when Mike told me about his idea for a virtual queue system that would be available to all food or service providers who wanted to participate, I was (and still am) all in!  

As Floqque continues to evolve, I am so excited to be able to share this with my friends and business owners everywhere, because they are amazing at what they do and they shouldn't have to worry about empty seats or tables.  They should be free to focus on just doing what they love.