Scott has an analytical mind, looking to identify reasons, causes, and other factors affecting a given situation. This skill has served him well for over 35 years while working in software development.

After consulting for 17 years, Scott was part of a core team that started a business in Healthcare IT that was bought out in 2011. Staying with that business for 9 more years through a second acquisition, a merger, and an IPO made him realize how nice it was to be part of a small business again.

Scott likes to build his team based on mutual honesty and loyalty. Because Scott takes personal responsibility for any project he takes on, he uses his natural curiosity about people to identify the unique talents and qualities of everyone on his team. This allows him to see how resources can be placed to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. He makes sure to get to know each member to create a camaraderie that will provide deep satisfaction for everyone involved as they work to achieve their goals as a team.

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Scott Tyson

Director - Product Development

The people who know me best know that I have an impatient side and hate to wait for things. And I have a great solution; I avoid waiting at all costs. If there is a restaurant where I can’t get a reservation and I know it’s crowded, I just won’t go there. Or I'll only go during "off" hours when I know they are not crowded. Also, I only use service providers that take appointments. I like to be able to plan when to get there and be served based on a specific expectation.

When Mike told me his idea about a virtual queuing system for all providers, I thought this must be a crowded space. After working with him on researching the companies in this space, I realized how many restaurants don’t have this solved yet and what a problem it is for other service providers.  I realized that he was right and there is definitely a need to come up with a better solution.

I have always loved being involved in creating new products and businesses around those products. Especially, when you get to work with someone as innovative as Mike. I am very excited about being part of this new business and making a positive change in the service industry.