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The #1 scheduling problem (especially for the service industry) is a lack of communication after an appointment or reservation is made. We create tools to enable effective 2-way coordination between customers and service providers, minimizing everyone's wait.

We Are Building Improved Solutions For:


Once a reservation is made, the lack of two-way customer communication often leaves “open” tables and inefficiencies in managing the flow of hungry customers.

We help remove these inefficiencies so that your restaurant can enjoy a steady flow of happy customers.

Service Providers

Service providers only make money when they are seeing clients. Cancellations and no-shows hurt revenue when providers don't have a reliable and timely way of contacting people from a standby list.

We help set you free from the stress of a fragmented schedule so you can focus on doing what you love.


Your time is limited, which means you don't want to waste it sitting in a waiting room, calling around to find a reservation, or waiting at a busy hostess stand just to put your name on a list.  

We help you reclaim your free time so you can sit back and enjoy the service. 


Anyone who has tried to organize a group get together knows that figuring out where, when, and how many is worse than herding cats.  Then, coordinating this event with a restaurant that will accommodate the group only adds to this frustration.

We help you get your ducks in a row and make group outings great again

Breaking Through the Confines of "Blocks of Time"

When you think about queuing today, what's missing?

Click to enlarge.

When you think about queuing today, what's missing?

Click to enlarge.

If you were asked to identify your biggest frustration regarding scheduling something, what would it be?  For us, it's that we rarely fit within the confines of a "block of time" on someone's calendar.  

With traditional scheduling systems, booking something is a vague promise that all parties will be present and ready at the appointed time. Let's be real.  We all know that life happens and "blocks of time" aren't flexible enough to go with our flow.

Present-day booking platforms have been unable to address the gap between when something is booked and when it actually happens because they tend to be "reactionary" systems.

While OpenTable and Yelp are widely known, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of booking systems out there. None of these booking systems address the problem of appointment / reservation friction and schedule fragmentation caused by late arrivals, last minute cancellations, and no-shows.

What does a proactive queuing solution look like?

Venn diagram showing how Flo-Q bridges the gap between consumer-focused products and provider-focused products and proximity-focused products with arrival-based queuing.

Click to enlarge.

Predictive queuing is a proactive tool, not a reactive one.  Being proactive enables:

  • Service Providers to keep their focus on serving customers with maximum efficiency, since efficiency boosts their bottom line.
  • Customers to minimize their time searching for service providers who have availability when they want it and reduce their time waiting for service. 

Floqque is driven by a deep passion to create proactive technology to eliminate the hassle of traditional appointment and reservation scheduling.  We are reimagining a schedule that works like you do; flexible, dynamic & efficient.

Queuing With Flow

Floqque is building tools to improve existing scheduling systems because we believe that AI can be used in an ethical and non-invasive manner to improve efficiency and flow between customers and service providers. Using these tools results in happier customers, more revenue to service providers, and less wasted time for everyone.

There is no doubt that AI can help fill the current gap between customers and service providers. For this to happen, however, we need your help. Floqque is an early stage startup looking to collaborate with those who share our vision. We want to add value to existing scheduling systems with an interactive AI upgrade.

Curbside pickup technology is a great example of how AI has enhanced service and efficiency for customers and product providers. We want to build technology for the service industry that works equally as well. We invite you to to help us shape this technology.

Our Guiding Principle to Enable Flow

No one wants to wait around if they don't have to. Actually, it's not so much the waiting as it is the not knowing that causes frustration.

It is our mission to create an environment where customers and service providers have a mutual understanding and respect for each other's time, taking into consideration that life sometimes gets in the way.

Who is Ready for Flow?

At Floqque, we see countless opportunities to bridge the gap between customers and service providers. We are looking for:

  • Companies that provide scheduling services for the service industry
  • Service providers who struggle with scheduling customers/patients
  • Anyone who is tired of no-shows, late arrivals, and last minute cancellations that waste your time and/or affect your bottom line
  • Restaurants that struggle with:
    • front of house operations
    • accepting reservations
    • crowded host/hostess stand
    • answering the phones
  • People who wish there was an easier way to find restaurants and service providers who can accommodate them with minimal wait

We want people like you to help us shape this technology. Sign up now to stay abreast of updates and releases as they happen, and be the first in line.

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