Hassle-free group coordination


Have you ever...

  • Been in charge of planning an event with family, friends or co-workers and tried to coordinate between your group and a venue to confirm how many, when, and what time?
  • Planned an event and had several people show up at the wrong location? Or found out that you booked the wrong location?
  • Tried to check in and be seated, only to be told that you had to wait for the rest of your party, and you have no idea if they're even on their way?
  • Had your phone blow up with text messages from members of your party asking last minute questions and change requests?

We understand that coordinating a group get-together can cause stress and drama, and that's not fair to you.

When you use EnRoute™ by Floqque to plan your event, we make it easy:


Create Event

Create an event in the EnRoute™ app and invite people to attend.  Each invitee will be able to share their preferred provider, date, time and how many they will be bringing.  EnRoute will manage any changes to their preferences with the agreed upon provider.


Join the Arrival List™

Select the group's desired provider and join the Arrival List for the best date & time for everyone.  EnRoute will coordinate your group's arrival with the service provider, notifying them of any adjustments needed due to real-life conditions as they occur.


Service Ready

Once you are within a specified distance, you can check-in with the service provider via the EnRoute app.  You will receive a notification when they are ready for your group so that you can bypass the line and enjoy your time with friends and family.

EnRoute™ Helps You Gather Your Peeps And Get In Line.

Don't worry, we won't share your data with outside companies.

What you can expect:

  • EnRoute handles all of the back and forth communication with your venue.
  • The people in your party take an active role in their attendance and planning.
  • No more group text conversations that blow up your phone with notifications.
  • You can be confident that all of your ducks are in a row and headed to the same destination.

What you might not have considered:

  • Messages from participants can be missed, especially if it's in a group conversation.
  • Getting hold of a restaurant to check availability and confirm or change a reservation is time-consuming. 
  • Group text conversations often get off topic and can be distracting when you're working.
  • What if you reserved the wrong date or location?


We love to see people enjoying themselves when they go out. We want to remove the hassle from making plans, and we are creating tools to do just that. Sign up now and start living your life instead of waiting for things to happen.

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Curbside pickup technology has brought both a level of customer service and efficiency to those who use it.  We want to build an Arrival Management System for the service industry that works equally as well.  We're looking for people from all walks of life (customers, service providers, restaurant managers, other scheduling, queuing, booking, and table management systems) to help shape this technology.

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