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The #1 scheduling problem (especially for the service industry) is a lack of communication after an appointment or reservation is made. We create tools to enable effective 2-way coordination between customers and service providers, minimizing everyone's wait.

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ArrivalOS Is An Arrival Management System To Eliminate Booking Uncertainties

Floqque technology is bringing a whole new standard of efficiency to existing scheduling systems by enabling providers to time their service on the customer's arrival, not the reservation. ArrivalOS is the world's first Predictive Arrival Queuing Platform that goes in front of existing booking systems.

When providers use AI to prioritize service based on customer arrival, everyone wins!

Breaking Through the Confines of "Blocks of Time"

If you were asked to identify your biggest frustration regarding scheduling something, what would it be?  For us, it's that we rarely fit within the confines of a "block of time" on someone's calendar.  

With traditional scheduling systems, booking something is a vague promise that all parties will be present and ready at the appointed time. Let's be real.  We all know that life happens and "blocks of time" aren't flexible enough to go with our flow.

When you think about queuing today, what's missing?

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Present-day booking platforms have been unable to address the gap between when something is booked and when it actually happens because they tend to be "reactionary" systems.

While OpenTable and Yelp are widely known, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of booking systems out there. None of these booking systems address the problem of appointment / reservation friction and schedule fragmentation caused by late arrivals, last minute cancellations, and no-shows.

What does a proactive queuing solution look like?

Curbside pickup technology is a great example of how technology can enhance service quality and efficiency for customers and retail locations.  

We are extending this technology to the service industry.

Venn diagram showing how Flo-Q bridges the gap between consumer-focused products and provider-focused products and proximity-focused products with arrival-based queuing.

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Predictive queuing is a proactive tool, not a reactive one.  Being proactive enables:

  • Service Providers to keep their focus on serving customers with maximum efficiency, since efficiency boosts their bottom line.
  • Customers to minimize their time searching for service providers who have availability when they want it and reduce their time waiting for service. 

We are reimagining a schedule that works like you do; flexible, dynamic & efficient.

How to Create Better Customer Flow with ArrivalOS

ArrivalOS is a toolkit that improves existing scheduling systems by addressing the #1 scheduling problem:  Communication.  Enabling a direct line of communication between customers and providers is what is needed to improve efficiency and flow.  Using these tools results in happier customers, more revenue to service providers, and less wasted time for everyone.

Already have a mobile app?  Don't worry, the ArrivalOS toolkit can be used in your mobile app or ours.

Initial ArrivalOS Arrival Management Features:

Simple Queuing with a Twist:

There are dozens of First-In, First-Out waitlisting systems out there, and we offer these basic features too.  What sets us apart is knowing just how far away the customer is, which gives you more flexibility in prioritizing customers.  When customers are walking up to your location, they can check in through the mobile app.

Proximity Enforcement:

Gone are the days where customers join your waitlist from across the country.  This wastes staff time and adversely affects quoted wait times to other customers.  Each provider can control the rules for both how close they have to be to join the list and how close they have to be to check in.


Offer the ability to automatically check in customers as they cross a pre-defined geofence around your location.  Also, you have the ability to track the total amount of time they spent at your location (dwell time).

EnRoute™ Notification:

Allow customers to join your list in advance and be notified when they are on their way to your location.  This gives extra comfort that the booking will not no-show and allows you to provision service accordingly.

We invite you to schedule a call to not only learn about, but also help us shape, this technology.

On Our Roadmap...

Floqque is an early stage startup looking to collaborate with those who understand the importance of improved customer flow using our patent pending technology. We want to add value to existing scheduling systems with an interactive technology upgrade.  We have a LOT on our roadmap, including...

Arrival Sequencing:

Reduce average drive-thru wait times and serve more customers by using location to sequence mobile orders and prioritize kitchen tickets.



Screenshot of mobile app showing search for available times based on flexible wait time of client.

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Floqque is like a Travel Agent for the Service and Wellness Industry

Travel websites aggregate inventory from many different participating providers. People don’t even think twice about using the services when booking accommodations in a city.

We have developed patent-pending algorithms to do the same for the service and wellness industries.

Have you called around to multiple specialists or service providers to find the one with the next available appointment and had to navigate through an endless phone tree menu at each one just to possibly get to a live person? What if the specialist or provider with the next available appointment was displayed on a map?

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Curbside pickup technology has brought both a level of customer service and efficiency to those who use it. We want to build an Arrival Management System for the service industry bookings that works equally as well. We're looking for people from all walks of life (customers, service providers, restaurant managers, other scheduling, queuing, booking, and table management systems) to help shape this technology. 

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