Empty Tables Cost You Money

Establish a steady flow of table turnover, higher sales, happy staff, and satisfied customers

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • Booked a reservation for someone only to have them cancel at the last minute, show up late, or not show up at all?
  • Had to help your host/hostess manage your reservation book, waitlist, answer phones, and keep track of walk-ins as people crowd into the lobby area?
  • Tried a reservation system to attract customers, but you still had empty tables and confusion because of people running late or not showing up at all?
  • Got so frustrated with dealing with people on the phone that you considered just shutting them off?
Lonely, empty tables outside of a restaurant at night.

Lonely tables of street cafe at night, Strasbourg

We have heard stories like these from so many friends in the restaurant industry, and it never gets easier to hear.

EnRoute is an Arrival-Based Seating System for Restaurants

The stigma associated with the word "reservation" has kept many restaurants from accepting them, because the unpredictability of customers often leads to empty tables and lost revenue.

Prioritizing customers based upon proximity-based predicted arrival allows restaurants to efficiently seat or hold tables with confidence.  The same process applies to any service provider who accepts appointments and walk-in customers.

Now service providers can configure their schedule to allow for the combination of advanced reservations and waitlisting that best suits their desired customer flow.

Screenshot of mobile app showing search for available times based on flexible wait time of client.

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EnRoute is Like Air Traffic Control for Restaurants

Does your host(ess) stand sometimes feel like air traffic control trying to coordinate arrivals coming from many different sources?  They have to keep track of reservations, waitlists, walk-ins, and telephone calls.  They keep an eye on the tables to help them gauge how long it will be for tables to open up, then they have to pad whatever wait time they quote to waiting customers.  It's a lot to keep track of!  During a lunch or dinner rush, it's easy to understand why some restaurants take their phones off the hook.

Imagine how nice it would be if your staff knew when those customers with reservations or on the waitlist were going to arrive.  The reservation for Jones, party of 3 at 6 PM is on-time, and expected to arrive at 5:55 PM.  

However, Tim, party of 2 with a reservation for 5:45 PM isn't expected to arrive until 6:30 PM.  How would you know this?  The EnRoute Provider Portal.

When you use EnRoute, your customers click a button to tell you when they are on their way, and GPS and AI calculate their estimated arrival time.

Now, if you have the heads up that Tim, party of 2, will be 45 minutes late, you and your staff can confidently seat a waiting customer instead of letting that table sit empty while you wait for Tim.

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EnRoute Minimizes Schedule Gaps By Allowing Your Customers To Choose Their Wait

If you are a restaurant that does not accept reservations, we want to help you fill your tables.  When your customers uses EnRoute to join an Arrival List™ they get to have a say in how long they will wait.  After they designate their willingness to wait, they are able to select a check-in time that is available.

You also get to have a say in wait times.  If it's a Monday night and Monday is typically slow, you can offer a 0-minute wait option, which essentially tells your customers there's no wait, so come on in.  On a busier night, you may only offer a 20-minute wait minimum (or longer) so that you can adequately set the expectations for your customer.  This type of flexible arrangement will help you maximize the occupancy in your restaurant and minimize lost revenue from missed opportunities.

Any small changes from the customer or you are automatically coordinated with the other side. If the customer misses their check-in window, you can do your best to accommodate the same level of service or you can inform them of an updated wait time based on their actual arrival.

When you use EnRoute™ by Floqque, we make it easy to manage your customers' arrival flow:


Create an Arrival List™ Account

Sign up for EnRoute™ service provider portal and set up your account.  If you are already using a reservation or appointment scheduling system, ask your provider if they are an EnRoute partner.


Let People Know

Let people know that you are a EnRoute restaurant on your website, social media, email list, as well as signage in your lobby and on your doors & windows.


Service Ready

Let EnRoute's Arrival List do all of the coordinating with the public.  Then, enjoy the flow of happy customers and wonder why no one has ever thought of this before.

EnRoute's Arrival List is the technology your restaurant needs today.

Don't worry, we don't ask you to sign a contract or give us your credit card. We also won't sell your data to outside companies.

What you can expect:

  • No more pen, paper, or pagers at the host/hostess stand. No special equipment to maintain.
  • The Arrival List automatically adjusts the people in line based on expected time of arrival using GPS tracking.
  • Reduced human error in quoting wait times and losing customers.
  • Happier staff, happier customers, more revenue.

What you might not have considered:

  • How many people work the host/hostess stand to handle the phone calls, the reservation book, and walk-ins?
  • How much business have you lost because people couldn't get an accurate idea of the wait time?
  • How much does it cost to purchase and maintain pagers or multiple booking platforms?
  • What if a reservation gets lost or put in for the wrong date and/or time?


We love to see people enjoying their work. We want to remove the hassle from managing the flow of your customers, and we are creating tools to do just that. Sign up now and start thriving instead of just waiting for people to show up.

Privacy first

Your data is yours. We'll never sell it to other companies, or give them access to it without permission.

Location Sharing

Don't worry, live location sharing is not a requirement to use the service.

Limited tracking

We'll only collect data to make sure Floqque is working.

Curious How EnRoute Allows Customers to Flock to Your Restaurant?

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