Time is Money. Your time is Invaluable.

Select a service provider around your schedule, then bypass the line and enjoy your service.

No waiting. No hassles.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Spent hours calling around and checking multiple reservation apps to find a table?
  • Running late for a reservation, so you dropped someone off to check-in while you park so you don't lose your table?
  • Walked in and had a long wait while the restaurant called reservations to see if they were still coming?
  • Couldn't join waitlist because there was no wait only to get stuck waiting at the restaurant when you arrived?
A woman sitting alone at a restaurant looks frustrated while she's on the phone.

A woman sitting alone at a restaurant looks frustrated while she's on the phone.

We haven't just heard stories like these, we've experienced stories like these. It's not right that you have to waste your time waiting.

EnRoute™ is a Proximity-Based Queuing System that Lets You Schedule Service on the Fly

Waitlists are great when you can find them, but they leave a lot to be desired. They still run mostly on manual push-button inputs.  In 2022, why shouldn't waitlists be updated with algorithmic predictive adaptability?  If you've ever been unable to join a waitlist with the message that says "come on in, there's no wait," only to arrive and find a line, you've experienced these antiquated systems in action.

We care about your time.  Whether you are looking for a barber in the next 90 minutes or a restaurant during peak dinner time two Saturdays from now, our app will allow you to spend less time searching for service providers that offer the shortest wait.

Find Queues in Your Area 

Our mobile app will connect customers with existing reservation and waitlisting services without having to jump through hoops.

GPS Location

We use GPS to calculate accurate travel time, so actual arrival time is used for queuing placement.

2 screenshots of the Flo-Q mobile app showing wait tolerance and arrival updates.

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Tell the provider you are ready for service and bypass the crowds in the waiting area.

Limited Tracking

Don't worry, live location sharing is not a requirement. We'll only collect relevant data to make sure Floqque is working properly.

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The First "Choose Your Wait" Scheduling System

Sometimes a time-specific restaurant reservation is necessary for a business meeting, whereas a short wait is perfectly fine for a casual meetup.  Now customers can find both!  The customer can choose a timeslot that suits their waiting threshold, and the provider will limit the wait after the customer checks in.

Don't worry, any small changes from the customer or the provider are automatically coordinated with the other side. If the customer misses their check-in window, the provider can do their best to accommodate the same level of service or inform them of an updated wait time.

When you use EnRoute by Floqque, we make it easy to be seated as soon as you walk in the door:


Select a Provider

Open the EnRoute app and see a bird's eye view of open restaurants in your preferred service area.  View anticipated wait time based on your expected arrival.


Join the ArrivalList™

Select your desired provider and join the ArrivalList.  EnRoute will coordinate your arrival with the restaurant, notifying you of any adjustments needed due to real-life conditions as they occur.


Service Ready

Once you are within a specified distance, you can check-in with the restaurant via the EnRoute app.  You will receive a notification when they are ready for you so that you can bypass the line and enjoy the service.

EnRoute is the technology you need to cure the "hurry up and wait" syndrome.

Don't worry, we don't ask you to sign a contract or give us your credit card. We also won't sell your data to outside companies.

What you can expect:

  • EnRoute's Bird's-Eye View will display expected wait times in the area for the date and time you choose.
  • Automatic integration with your calendar, and notifications when they are running behind.
  • Running late?  EnRoute will adjust your place in line based on your new expected arrival time.
  • In-app check-in when you are close so that you can bypass the line and be served right away.

What you might not have considered:

  • Do you really want to call around to find an open table when you're driving home with a car full of hangry people?
  • If they're running behind and you're not, you'll have to wait around until they're ready for you.
  • Getting hold of a restaurant to check availability and confirm or change a reservation is time-consuming.
  • What if you reserved the wrong date or location?


We love to see people enjoying themselves when they go out. We want to remove the hassle from making plans, and we are creating tools to do just that.

Start living your life instead of waiting for things to happen.  Sign up now to be the first to get access to EnRoute technology.

Privacy first

Your data is yours. We'll never sell it to other companies, or give them access to it without permission.

Location Sharing

Don't worry, live location sharing is not a requirement to use the service.

Limited tracking

We'll only collect data to make sure Floqque is working.

Curious How EnRoute Allows Customers to Flock to Your Restaurant?

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