Introducing Predictive Virtual Queuing

We make scheduling / appointment systems smarter and smoother using AI and automated 2-way coordination.

Bring the Benefits of AI to Your Scheduling Process


Using historical and real-time data, Floqque's patent-pending algorithm will statistically predict the confidence level of arrivals/no-shows so that resulting gaps are anticipated and auto-filled.


Using real-time traffic updates and geolocation mapping, Floqque technology will provide accurate arrival time information and adjust the queue as necessary to ensure service is ready upon arrival.


2-way communication is more than text messages. It's an on-going, behind-the-scenes coordination effort based on GPS location and geofencing distance calculations. Now, no one has to text and drive!

Reservations and Appointments Just Got Real(time)

The stigma associated with the word "reservation" has kept many restaurants from accepting them because the unpredictability of no-shows, last minute cancellations, and late arrivals often leaves empty tables and lost revenue. Existing reservation, waitlist, and table management services can remove this stigma and grow their customer base by integrating Floqque's patent-pending technology.

Reservations and Waitlist Unite into a Single Queue

The power of AI and dynamic coordination will blend advanced reservations with waitlist, predict arrival times using GPS coordination and auto-fill predicted gaps. You will enjoy more revenue due to a steadier stream of happy customers.

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Floqque Provides Overbooking with Confidence

Historical behaviors of both the customer and the service provider are continually analyzed to detect hotspots and allow just the right amount of overbooking in order to deliver the right amount of people at the right time.

Eliminate Misquoted Wait Times 

Quoting inaccurate wait times to walkup customers or virtual waitlists often results in lost profits.  Introducing AI and dynamic coordination into your scheduling process reduces the guesswork and helps you serve more people.

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You are in the business of helping the service industry increase their revenue through scheduling.  Now's your chance to use AI and dynamic coordination to help your clients service more people.

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Are You Tired of Waiting?

The average person spends 5 years of their life waiting: for service, for appointments, for customers. Technology can remove the wait and hassle for both customers and service providers.

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