Floqque Makes Scheduling Smarter and Smoother

Throw out EVERYTHING you know about Reservations, Appointments, and Waitlists.  We bring the benefits of AI and dynamic coordination to the scheduling process.

Floqque is the First Proximity-Based Queuing System that Lets You Schedule Service on the Fly

Waitlists are great when you can find them, but they leave a lot to be desired. They still run mostly on manual push-button inputs.  In 2022, why shouldn't waitlists be updated with algorithmic predictive adaptability?  If you've ever been unable to join a waitlist with the message that says "come on in, there's no wait," only to arrive and find a line, you've experienced these antiquated systems in action.

We care about your time.  Whether you are looking for a barber in the next 90 minutes or a restaurant during peak dinner time two Saturdays from now, our app will allow you to spend less time searching for service providers that offer the shortest wait.

Find Queues in Your Area 

Our mobile app will connect customers with existing reservation and waitlisting services without having to jump through hoops.

Proximity-Based Check-In

Tell the provider you are ready for service and bypass the crowds in the waiting area.

2 screenshots of the Flo-Q mobile app showing wait tolerance and arrival updates.

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GPS Location 

We use GPS to calculate accurate travel time, so actual arrival time is used for queuing placement.

Limited Tracking

Don't worry, live location sharing is not a requirement. We'll only collect relevant data to make sure Floqque is working properly.

Time is money.  Don't waste it with unnecessary waiting.

See our vision of how Floqque Technology will radically improve the lives of both customers and service providers.

Floqque is not just another booking or scheduling system.

It's a "spend less time waiting" system.

We have heard countless stories about how the uncertainty of people showing up for scheduled events costs service providers revenue and people's time.  The #1 problem when scheduling anything is the lack of communication after the meeting, appointment or reservation is made.  By enabling effective 2-way coordination between people and places through the use of AI, we can minimize everyone's wait.

Young man in a business suit is glancing up from his watch to look out the window at a restaurant table.

Floqque is an Arrival Management System that Eliminates Uncertainty for People and Places

No one wants to wait around if they don't have to. Actually, it's not so much the waiting as it is the not knowing that causes frustration. Whether you're expecting a friend, a client, or your next customer, Floqque is here to help alleviate that frustration.

Floqque technology is bringing a whole new standard of efficiency to existing scheduling systems by enabling providers to time their service on the customer's arrival, not the reservation. Floqque introduces ArrivalOS™ - the world's first Predictive Arrival Queuing Platform.

When providers use AI to prioritize service based on customer arrival, everyone wins!

Biracial couple is checking-in with the hostess at a restaurant

Floqque is an Arrival-Based Seating System for Restaurants and Other Service Providers

The stigma associated with the word "reservation" has kept many restaurants from accepting them, because the unpredictability of customers often leads to empty tables and lost revenue.

Prioritizing customers based upon proximity-based predicted arrival allows restaurants to efficiently seat or hold tables with confidence.  The same process applies to any service provider who accepts appointments and walk-in customers.

Now service providers can configure their schedule to allow for the combination of advanced reservations and waitlisting that best suits their desired customer flow.

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Floqque is a "Choose Your Wait" System for Customers and Providers

Sometimes a time-specific restaurant reservation is necessary for a business meeting, whereas prioritized seating is perfectly fine for a casual meetup.  Now customers can find both!  The customer can choose a timeslot that suits their waiting threshold, and the provider will limit the wait after the customer checks in.

Don't worry, any small changes from the customer or the provider are automatically coordinated with the other side. If the customer misses their check-in window, the provider can do their best to accommodate the same level of service or inform them of an updated wait time.


Floqque is a Group Coordination System

Anyone who has tried to organize a group get together knows that figuring out where, when, and how many is worse than herding cats. Finally, coordinating the event with a restaurant that will accommodate the group only adds to the frustration.

Not only does Floqque assist with the initial coordination of the group and destination, but it also coordinates all changes within the group as well as with the restaurant - from initial planning all the way through to the group's arrival and check in. Now the organizer will have a "just tell me the frigging headcount" and a "when will my friends arrive" system.  

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...and a "Spend Less Time Texting" System

If you are like us, you spend a lot of time texting your friends when you're on your way to meet them, and maybe even some of your providers for the same reason. The Floqque automated coordination feature eliminates the need for all of this texting. 

Screenshot of mobile app showing search for available times based on flexible wait time of client.

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Floqque is like a Travel Agent for the Service and Wellness Industry

Travel websites aggregate inventory from many different participating providers. People don’t even think twice about using the services when booking accommodations in a city. We have developed patent-pending algorithms to do the same for the service and wellness industries.

Have you called around to multiple specialists or service providers to find the one with the next available appointment and had to navigate through an endless phone tree menu at each one just to possibly get to a live person? What if the specialist or provider with the next available appointment was displayed on a map?

Floqque is a Patent-Pending Marketplace that ends everyone's wait.

Privacy first

Your data is yours.  We'll never sell it to other companies, or give them access to it without permission.

Location Sharing

Don't worry, live location sharing is not a requirement to use the service.

Limited tracking

We'll only collect data to make sure Floqque is working.

Help us build the best Arrival Management System for the Service Industry

Curbside pickup technology has brought both a level of customer service and efficiency to those who use it.  We want to build an Arrival Management System for the service industry that works equally as well.  We're looking for people from all walks of life (customers, service providers, restaurant managers, other scheduling, queuing, booking, and table management systems) to help shape this technology.

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