Tools For People Who Don't Like Waiting

Throw out EVERYTHING you know about Reservations, Appointments, and Waitlists. We bring the benefits of AI and automatic coordination to the scheduling process.

Floqque is not another booking or scheduling system.
It's a "spend less time waiting" system.

We have heard countless stories about how the uncertainty of people showing up for scheduled events costs service providers revenue and people's time.

The #1 problem when scheduling anything is the lack of communication after the meeting, appointment or reservation is made. By enabling automatic 2-way coordination between people and places through the use of AI, we can minimize everyone's wait.

Floqque is a Patented Marketplace that ends everyone's wait.

Booking an appointment online using desktop computer while personal calendar is pulled up on tablet next to it.
For Existing Booking Systems

Present-day booking platforms have been unable to address the gap between when something is booked and when it actually happens because they tend to be "reactionary" systems.

We partner with these existing systems to address the problem of appointment / reservation friction and schedule fragmentation caused by late arrivals, last minute cancellations, and no-shows.

For Restaurants and Service Providers

Once a reservation is made, the lack of two-way customer communication often leaves “open” tables and inefficiencies in managing the flow of hungry customers.

We help remove these inefficiencies so that your restaurant can enjoy a steady flow of happy customers.

Sad little girl in back seat of car while mom is smiling on her cell phone and dad is upset on his cell phone and pointing at traffic.
For Consumers

Your time is limited, which means you don't want to waste it sitting in a waiting room, calling around to find a reservation, or waiting at a busy hostess stand just to put your name on a list.

We help you reclaim your free time so you can sit back and enjoy the service.

For Group Coordination

Anyone who has tried to organize a group get together knows that figuring out where, when, and how many is worse than herding cats. Then, coordinating this event with a restaurant that will accommodate the group only adds to this frustration.

We help you get your ducks in a row and make group outings great again.


Help us build the best Arrival Management System for the Service Industry

Comments From Our Waitlist

My sister and I made plans to meet but had NO idea there were 2 of the same restaurant on the same road, about 30 mins apart. We both kept saying "I'm here," but could not find each other, until we realized we were at different locations. 

John M.

This is awesome! I’m so tired of having to search for restaurant availability for my groups by looking up each restaurant’s website or having to call them individually just to find out they don’t take reservations. This will allow me to know what’s available on MY schedule with real-time updates. 

Brian W.

I hope my doctor and dentist take advantage of this technology so I can check my status on their cancellation lists. This is a true game changer!

Daniel B.

If I'm near a bunch of restaurants, I want the one with lowest wait. Right now, someone runs out of the car, checks the wait time, then runs back to the car, we try the next stop, and so on, until we realize we wasted the same amount of time that we were quoted to wait at the first restaurant!

Natalie G.

Privacy first

Your data is yours. We'll never sell it to other companies, or give them access to it without permission.

Location Sharing

Don't worry, live location sharing is not a requirement to use the service.

Limited tracking

We'll only collect data to make sure Floqque is working.

Help us build the best Arrival Management System for the Service Industry

Curbside pickup technology has brought both a level of customer service and efficiency to those who use it. We want to build an Arrival Management System for the service industry bookings that works equally as well. We're looking for people from all walks of life (customers, service providers, restaurant managers, other scheduling, queuing, booking, and table management systems) to help shape this technology. 

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